I just spent three hours reorganizing my closets in order to make room to store my new yurt.

I could have stayed at Vann‘s birthday party and watched him paint beautiful women all night.  As of noon the day after, he was still painting!   Meanwhile, I was hefting trunks full of old memories around.

We all have to be responsible for ourselves and our actions.  But still, what’s life without a regret or two?

The answer to that question is: an adventure.

Getting ready for Passover

Next week I’m going to present my annual Passover seder.  For those of you don’t bother to read my old posts (most of you, I assume… in fact, I’m not sure if anyone reads these posts), here are my earlier ruminations on the subject of Passover:

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If you’re not going to a Passover seder, I hope you find your own way to celebrate freedom.