OK, troops. Everyone who doesn’t have to pay a thousand dollars to get their car’s air conditioner fixed, take one step forward.

Not so fast, Seligman!

"But Sarge, you told me not to step forward on Monday, for my last car repair!"

Don’t give me lip, Seligman! Now drop and give me two big ones!

OK, this kinda hurt. Then I think about the women in ‘s book. I can feel lucky that I can pay for this and still go to Free Spirit Gathering and Fires of Venus. This is at most a serious annoyance, not a disaster. The same cannot be said for everyone I know.

I give my thanks. My gratitude is reflected in this month’s Kiva donation.

7 thoughts on “Atten-hut!

    1. I packed up my camp site at FSG. I walked to the parking lot. I was hot, tired, sweaty. I got into my car and turned the air conditioning on full.

      At that moment, I knew the thousand bucks had been worth it.

      1. Scuse me, I see you hitting yourself with that stick, CUT THAT OUT!

        Let me make this simpler, Yay! Bill Seligman is going to Fires and I get to hang around with him!

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