Calendar imperfections

I’m prepping for a second interview with Selene Vega. Following a suggestion from about resources, I’m skimming through the calendars for the years she was with Isaac Bonewits, if for no other reason than to ask, “What does this funny-looking squiggle mean?”

I find that my collection of Isaac’s calendars is not as complete as I thought it was; I don’t have calendars for 1976 and 1977.

A couple of years from now I’ll mourn the lack of information about that time in Isaac’s life. Right now I feel grateful that there’s two fewer calendars to scan and review.

There’s no god or patron saint of biographies, as far as I can tell. I only hope that Seshat (Egyptian goddess of libraries) and Saint Lawrence (patron saint of librarians) will forgive me.

One thought on “Calendar imperfections

  1. Isaac and I met in October 1977, and although I don’t have a calendar for that time, I do have journals, which have specific dates for some things. I’ll have it available when we talk Wednesday.

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