Biography postponed

I wanted to let some folks know: Right now, all my work on Isaac Bonewits’ biography has stopped. I’m dealing with health issues. That has to be my “project” for now.

If you’d like to volunteer any memories, materials, thoughts, ideas, or contacts, I’ll be glad to receive them. The best place to send them is the special e-mail address I set up: bonewits.research (at) But I can’t promise any follow-ups, even to code the materials, until I’m better.

I had tentative plans to attend Pantheacon 2013 and Wellspring 2013 to speak to many who knew Isaac. I truly want to be well enough by then to make those trips. Right now, I don’t know.

I ask for neither prayers nor healing energy. So many, far too many, of the people with whom I wish to speak have health issues of their own. Instead, I ask that you be healthy and well until that time comes when we can talk of Isaac — and stay healthy and well for many years after!

I’ve already posted this as a Facebook status, so some of you may be seeing this twice. Please forgive the topic stutter.

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