Want a comfy chair?

If you’ve been to my place, you’ve seen (and hopefully sat in) my comfy chair. It’s a tan-colored (maybe; I’m not a good judge of color) suede armchair that I originally bought from Target. I’m replacing it, so if you’d like it please contact me. Details: There’s nothing wrong with the chair. However, it’s not the best chair for me right now. I’m replacing it with a recliner that will be more appropriate for my back and eye problems. The chair disassembles. I think I still have all the parts and instructions, including the Allen wrench that came with the chair. So the deal is you come, decide if you want to take it apart, do it, carry it away. Take it home, reassemble it, and relax in comfort. If you suggest Freecycle, then I’ll know you haven’t read this post. I know about Freecycle and I’ll use it if none of my friends want the chair. I thought I’d offer it to you first before I offer it to strangers.

Roll for initiative

After reading <a href=”http://arstechnica.com/the-multiverse/2015/11/ars-cardboard-best-board-games-to-play-this-thanksgiving/”>this article</a> on board games to play during Thanksgiving, I so want to start gaming again. The problem is that I still can’t sit comfortably on a hard chair for a couple of hours. This Tuesday, I’m getting a special injection from my orthopedist that will hopefully deal with this problem. It’s a bit of a procedure: he needs to use X-rays to guide the position of the needle; I won’t be able to drive home afterwards, so I’ll take a cab. The healing process is taking too damn long. I really need to engage with people again. By the way, I’ve got at least three games on that list, and <a href=”http://arstechnica.com/uncategorized/2015/11/ars-cardboard-codenames-the-secret-agent-party-game-youve-been-seeking/”>Codenames</a&gt; is on its way.

Seeing and Sawing

I saw the doctor yesterday and got the results of the <a href=”https://argothald.wordpress.com/97720/”>MRIs</a&gt;. It turns out that the injury was a bit worse than I thought: bad contusion or mild break in the coccyx; a herniated disc. I’d been pessimistic about my rate of healing, but now that we know the details the doctor was pleased with my rate of recovery. Although I’ve improved, I’m still not up to snuff. I’m still better off working from home. The doctor understood my need to improve more quickly, and prescribed medication and physical therapy. I visited work yesterday, and it was a trial. With driving to both work and the doctor and to do some shopping, I probably did a bit too much and I paid for it afterwards. I will be glad when this process is over. And I remind myself to be grateful that there IS a process, and that I can take advantage of it. To all those who’ve offered me what I’ve been given, much thanks.


My cat Mist is definitely feeling better. She’s started eating and drinking again, she’s come out from under the bed to socialize. She’s still prefers to spend most of her time there, but the last time I checked she went into her “you can pet me now” pose instead of just staying hunched over and looking away. This is good. I wanted to avoid the drama and trauma of a vet visit right, and it looks like I got my wish. Plus, Mist got petted, which she assures me is the most important thing.


I just had a second MRI. It went better than the <a href=”https://argothald.wordpress.com/96916/”>last time</a>. I had less pain while driving. I know have some hope that I’ll finally be able to drive to work sometime next week. The experience did not seem as long this time. Maybe it’s because I found a way to occupy my time: humming the “Blue Danube Waltz” to myself a couple of times. That’s the see. Unfortunately, there’s a saw. My cat Mist is sick. She’s crouched under my bed, and (mostly) has stayed there for the past couple of days. She’ll purr when I pet her, but she’s not eating and she’s drinking very little. Taking her to the vet will involve much drama; I might have to disassemble the bed to get to her. I will have to travel further to find a vet (Oradell Animal Hospital?) that would see her over the weekend. I don’t know whether it’s better to push myself and her after only a couple of days of illness, or if I should wait and see if she’s better by Monday. Sometimes this grown-up stuff isn’t easy.