Want a comfy chair?

If you’ve been to my place, you’ve seen (and hopefully sat in) my comfy chair. It’s a tan-colored (maybe; I’m not a good judge of color) suede armchair that I originally bought from Target. I’m replacing it, so if you’d like it please contact me. Details: There’s nothing wrong with the chair. However, it’s not the best chair for me right now. I’m replacing it with a recliner that will be more appropriate for my back and eye problems. The chair disassembles. I think I still have all the parts and instructions, including the Allen wrench that came with the chair. So the deal is you come, decide if you want to take it apart, do it, carry it away. Take it home, reassemble it, and relax in comfort. If you suggest Freecycle, then I’ll know you haven’t read this post. I know about Freecycle and I’ll use it if none of my friends want the chair. I thought I’d offer it to you first before I offer it to strangers.

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