EXIT: The Game, part 5

I played EXIT: Abandoned Cabin with a group of friends yesterday. I warned them of my experiences that I described in my last few blog posts, but they were willing to accept the challenge.

We finished in one hour five minutes and used no hint cards, which gave us a final score of nine stars. It’s the highest score I’ve seen in this escape-room series.

Here’s what I think made the difference:

  • Abandoned Cabin is rated the easiest of this series of games.
  • We had five players that brought a good mix of skill sets. For example, one of us was experienced with dominoes, which turned out to be relevant for one of the puzzles.
  • Another of us was really good at the “arts and crafts” tasks required to solve some puzzles.
  • My experience with four other EXIT games was of some benefit. For example, I could tell them that it was possible that there would a solution might involve the game box itself.

Overall, it was a positive experience.

There’s only one more EXIT game that I haven’t played: Pharoah’s Tomb. I asked the other gamers if they wanted to try that one, though it’s rated as one of the toughest games in the series. They were willing to play it at a future gaming event.

So against my expectations, I will order that final game. Let’s see if we handle the challenge, or whether it will send us crying to our mummies.

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