Acorn Garden Wiccan Grove

Acorn Garden is a Wiccan Grove currently accepting seekers interested in receiving Wiccan training, with the long term goal of following in the path of British Traditional Wicca, Gardnerian Wicca in particular. This is a study, training, and discussion group welcoming those who are serious in their intent to learn traditional witchcraft, participate in their own spiritual development, and assist others along a similar path.

Those without a sense of ethics or a sense of humor need not apply. Also, there are cats and occasional puppies.

Acorn Garden will meet primarily in Nyack, New York. This is in Rockland County, and within reasonable commuting distance from Westchester, Orange County, and Bergen County in New Jersey.

Meetings will take place once a month at minimum and involve both class and ritual work. Ritual work involves the participation of all attendees and the intent of our rituals include spiritual and personal exploration, celebration, worship of the gods, and magical workings. Class work will include book reading and a reading list will be provided. Seekers are asked to take an active role in their development which will include written/journal work, reading, group discussions, and peer-to-peer teaching. As you study, you will practice what you learn.

If Acorn Garden sounds like a good fit for you, please email at gmail dot com and you will be sent a questionnaire as well as more information and the next steps.

As of 2020, Acorn Garden is still accepting new members.

Blessed Be!