Sweet dreams are made of these

The other night, I dreamed of a whole bunch of clowns singing a song. (Don’t worry; they were on TV, so I was safe.) It was a nonsense song they sung over and over again. Then I woke up.

Thinking on it, it occurred to me that I’ve often dreamed of people singing. I wondered why that was.

Then I figured it out: It’s how my dreaming mind interprets my snores.

So the next time you hear me snoring, remember: The clowns are singing!

Smile and wave

This morning, I dreamed that I walked in the Merchants Parade at the New York Ren Faire. In the dream, I did everything I used to do: exhorting the patrons to smile and wave, giving out huzzahs to the merchants along the way.

This is the first time I’ve had this dream. I didn’t have it during the 14 years I actually walked in the parade, and it’s been three years since I was a merchant at the Faire. I wonder why I’m having this dream now?

It was definitely a Six of Wands moment.

You never really leave LARPing

Last night, I had a powerful dream: I was writing a module for Mystic Realms. I felt proud of creating a good story with lots of action, but requiring only one NPC.

Of course, I didn’t write it down when I woke up. Now the perfect MR module is lost forever.

Not that it matters, since I haven’t played in a LARP for 8 years. In fact, I’ve now been away from Mystic Realms longer than the time I played in the game.

I can’t go back: I’m not physically up to it, I don’t have the time, life has changed.

But MR still haunts my dreams.